A Shade of Gray

Finally wearing a gray suit! why? because a gray suit is a must-have and my second favourite after blue. I like its versatility. Gray suits contrasts well with every skin complexities – can’t go wrong; however, Keep in mind light gray suits are more casual than medium gray or charcoal suits, and usually not appropriate for offices that have strict business-attire standards. You can combine your gray suit with any colour of shirts. I personally like to “keep it clean” and wear white or light blue, but that depends on the event. You can also add a nice tie for a wedding, theatre, or just have fun… drop the tie, and wear a coloured or patterned shirt for a more casual occasion. Another great thing about a gray suit is you can wear it with black or brown shoes, like I said, gray is very versatile.

In terms of accessories, I decided to be be bold and have fun with this summer outfit. Camo is back! It has actually has been back for quite a while now… And I’m in love with this bows_n_ties camo tie. The tie is cool and appropriate for a more casual summer look, especially when matched with a nice pocket square, in my case a green flowery pattern wouldn’t clash with the camo tie. Lastly, I am wearing my autobahnlife bracelets. The black python leather skulls along with a black set are so versatile! You can dress them up or down, and even though I am wearing brown shoes, the black bracelets accentuate a few of the black details from the outfit – so that works!

Fall is coming…


Sunglasses: Rayban Wayfarer’s

Suit: Custom Made

Tie: @Bows_N_Ties

Pocket Square: @vancitysquares

Bracelets: @AutobahnLife






Thanks for reading/watching! 🙂 Let me know what you think in the comments below!


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  1. Reply Kiko Muñoz

    I super love this post, cause I’ve bought a gray suit last year same shade with this one but I never thought of trying it with a blue shirt inside, I also had a more casual one before but I’ve always just worn white, black or a monochromatic gray effect. Plus I loved that the tie goes so much with the shoes. Much love!

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