Black & White

If you wear a suit everyday for work, you might want to consider something light and fun for this season. The weather here in Vancouver has been great (and warm!). Cotton and linen are amongst the most breathable and favourite fabrics for spring/summer, but they can get wrinkly very easily. For this outfit, I decided to go with a fun, business-oriented spring/summer type of look. The black and white seersucker jacket is a blend of wool and mohair, and it is great for this time of the year as mohair is a light, breathable, and wrinkle-resistant fabric. Black pants always look good. In this case, it contrasts the subtle black lines of the blazer, and since we are all about the details, I am also wearing a knit black tie, black and white polka dots pocket square, and black watch and bracelet.

Breathability is key

Photography: JAMiE MANN

Blazer: Vintage Seersucker

Pants: Kenneth Cole (tailored)

Shoes: Aldo




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