A Shade of Gray

Finally wearing a gray suit! why? because a gray suit is a must-have and my second favourite after blue. I like its versatility. Gray suits contrasts well with every skin complexities – can’t go wrong; however, Keep in mind light gray suits are more casual than medium gray or charcoal suits, and usually not appropriate for offices […]


Classic vs Street

Vancouver’s summer weather gives reason to dress well when checking out its incredible sights and events. Many men are shied away from having pink in their wardrobe, yet with little effort and great confidence, pink makes for a perfect statement piece. This first outfit with the pink blazer combined with a knit tie, polka dot […]


Black & White

If you wear a suit everyday for work, you might want to consider something light and fun for this season. The weather here in Vancouver has been great (and warm!). Cotton and linen are amongst the most breathable and favourite fabrics for spring/summer, but they can get wrinkly very easily. For this outfit, I decided […]


Just A Smart Look

  This smart look is ideal for a nice spring afternoon/evening out, and appropriate for any occasion since it is not too casual or formal. The black comes in as versatile as always, and the caramel turtleneck, along with a small matching bracelet as an accessory, stands out to make this outfit unique and sophisticated. keep it […]


Classic Man

  Back at it again with the blue suit. I like its versatility! I kept my look classic and clean.This suit has a very subtle glen check pattern with wide-peak lapels. The wide-peak lapels are usually more formal but they can also add a lot of dimension and size to your overall appearance, so it doesn’t matter […]